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Immortal life program

Upgrading has never been easier

Every V-MODA headphone comes with automatic access to the Immortal Life Program, guaranteeing that your first V-MODA will definitely not be your last.


The Immortal Life Program is only available to customers in countries we currently ship to. This excludes China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam.


Select the headphone you want to trade in


Select the headphone you wish to upgrade to


Ship your old V-MODA headphones to us


Receive a coupon code worth 20% of the headphones you want to upgrade to


Use your coupon towards the new V-MODA headphones you wish to buy


Enjoy your new V-MODA

Please note

Before shipping your headphones to us though, be sure to remove any and all accessories (cables, shields etc) that you would like to keep. Please note that WE DO NOT KEEP THE HEADPHONES THAT YOU SEND IN. As soon as your headphones are received by us, they are immediately recycled.

IDidn’t the Immortal Life Program work a little differently before? Prior to 12th November 2019, the Immortal Life Program coupon value was derived from the value of the model you wanted to trade in. After that date, we changed the program to simply apply a flat 20% discount across the participating headphones.

IIAny product in promotion will not be available for upgrade in the Immortal Life Program while it is already discounted.

IIIFor non-US customers: contact us to find out how you can take advantage of the Immortal Life Program

V-MODA Upgrade Form

Please note, all coupons and price estimates are based and issued upon retail full prices, NOT sales/promotional prices.

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