Stress-free replacement and usage.

Stress-free replacement and usage.

Designed for the M-200 ANC Wireless Headphones.

These premium V-MODA cushions attach magnetically for quick and easy replacement. Their flowing, ergonomic form adjusts to ears of any size for maximum comfort over extended listening sessions. Breathable, high-quality PU leather looks great and never feels hot, making these cushions easy to wear all day long.


Made for the V-MODA M-200 ANC wireless headphones. Compatible with the M-200 headphones as well. Yet, M-200 ANC cushions are 27 percent thicker, which can result in undesirable sound character changes.

We recommend M-200 ANC cushions for general listening purposes, while M-200 cushions for professional studio monitoring purposes.

Tech Specs (1 pc.)


Weight 19g

Length 95mm

Width 73mm

Depth 19mm

What’s Included

x2 M-200 ANC Memory Foam Cushions

M-200 ANC Cushions

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