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More than just another day.

8th August. #808Day. Not only the day we celebrate the one and only Roland TR-808 Rhythm Machine, but also the day V-MODA took its first step into the Roland family in 2016.

More than Crossfade M‑100 Master.

As this year marks V-MODA fully becoming part of the Roland family, we wanted to make #808Day 2019 something truly special with a Limited Edition Crossfade M-100 Master.

Meet M-100 Master TR-808, featuring the latest in our line of pure analog headphones made for making music, with improved sound, comfort and durability and drawing its style from the future-retro look of the Roland TR-808’s multicolored panel of switches, knobs and LED lights.

M-100 Master TR-808 will be available until September 9th (#909Day) or while stocks last.

More than a Rhythm Machine.

The TR-808 has been a game changer in the way musicians make music from the day it was launched, shaping the sounds of artists such as the Beastie Boys, Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Phil Collins and Jazzy Jeff.

With a compact design, sharp analog beats and easy interface, the TR-808 immediately attracted a cult following after its release in 1980 and became a cornerstone of the emerging electronic, dance and hip hop genres. Since then, the TR-808 has been used on more hit records than any other rhythm machine, had samples of its iconic sounds appear as a staple in modern music software, and become a musical icon in its own right: if that isn’t worthy of celebration, we don’t know what is.

Tech Specs


Over-Ear Circumaural

Speaker driver

50mm dual-diaphragm driver

Frequency response

5 - 40,000 Hz

Speaker sensitivity

107dB @ 1kHz 1mW

Microphone sensitivity

-42dB @ 1kHz





What's Included

Crossfade M-100 Master

Exoskeleton Carry Case

Carabiner Clip

ARAMID Fiber-Reinforced SpeakEasy™
1-Button Microphone Cable

Reinforced SharePlay™ Audio Cable

Gold Plated 1/4" Pro Adapter

V-CORK (2)

2-Year Warranty

Immortal Life Replacement Program

TR-808 Limited Edition Custom Shields

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