V-MODA x Jimi Hendrix™

V-MODA x Jimi Hendrix™

For the first collaboration in our Artist Series, there could be no more iconic choice than the “electric alchemist” himself. Hailing from Seattle, Jimi Hendrix blazed a pioneering new trail worldwide as one of the most influential and respected musicians of all time.

Hendrix revolutionized how guitars were played with his innovative musical style and cutting-edge use of effects like fuzz, wah, phasing, and more, and we are privileged to share our passion for quality, innovation and creativity in his honor.

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace"




This exclusive design is inspired by Hendrix’s famous “knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens™” quote. The muted art style expresses a level of philosophical sophistication where a truly wise and knowledgeable person will speak when sharing knowledge…but listen otherwise.



This exclusive design captures Jimi’s move to London in 1966 to create the Jimi Hendrix Experience—and change music forever in turn. The design pays homage to the lava lamp, an iconic home furnishing piece created in the 1960s by British entrepreneur Edward Craven Walker.

Peace, love and happiness.

Peace, love and happiness.

This exclusive design is inspired by Hendrix’s famous “peace, love and happiness™” quote. The psychedelic art style embodies the late ’60s era in which he rose to become an American legend.

What’s Included?

What’s Included?

  • Crossfade 2 Wireless
  • Exoskeleton Carry Case
  • Carabiner Clip
  • Aramid Fiber-Reinforced SpeakEasy™1-Button Microphone Cable
  • Special Edition Purple Audio Only Cable
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Gold Plated 1/4" Pro Adapter
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Immortal Life Replacement Program

Tech Specs


Speaker driver 50mm dual-diaphragm driver

Speaker sensitivity 100dB @ 1kHz 1mW

Microphone sensitivity -42dB @ 1kHz

Impedance 32Ω


Type Over-Ear Circumaural Bluetooth

Cable length SpeakEasy 132cm (52”)

Weight 309g

Here for you from Day 1.

V-Moda offers 1-Year Warranty

1-Year Warranty

When you become a part of the V-MODA club, we want you to feel confident about it. That’s why each product purchased from us, or a verified reseller, is backed by a warranty. 

V-Moda offers Immortal Life Program

Immortal Life Program

For any mishaps outside of the warranty period or terms, the Immortal Life Program will give you a discount to use on either a replacement or an upgrade from our online store.

V-Moda offers 60-Day Test Drive

60-Day Test Drive

And we’re so confident you’ll love your V-MODA from Day 1, we’ll even offer you a 60-day risk-free test drive to see for yourself.

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Crossfade 2 Wireless x Jimi Hendrix™

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