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Milano is Italy’s leader when it comes to forward thinking, fast paced modernity and innovation

While the ‘Made in Italy’ trademark is synonymous with luxury goods and quality across sectors spanning from cars to fashion houses, leather goods and gourmet food, ‘Milano Design’ is something more specific when it comes to the V‑MODA brand. In a country that seemingly bears a heavy load of historic significance and traditional practices, Milano is Italy’s leader when it comes to forward thinking, fast paced modernity and innovation. The city thrives with entrepreneurs and leaders in the industries of furniture, fashion, textile and architectural design so the theme of re-invention is as evident in Milano as the changing of the seasons. This is what drives V‑MODA’s ambition to continue re-inventing the headphone industry as it has since its conception. Milano for V‑MODA is where the quality of artisanal Italian craftsmanship inspires modern design and technology.

V‑MODA Inspiration

Milano design has been influential to the V‑MODA design team, and even to the rest of the world in countless ways. There are many hidden treasures that lay quietly throughout the city, often left uncovered by tourists on their first visit to Milano. The Bramante Arch for example, located in the Santa Maria presso San Satiro church in Via Torino is famous for its artistic technique. Its construction creates a unique optical illusion that remains to be one of the first examples of its kind. Not unlike the V‑MODA brand itself, only once you experience Milano first-hand do you truly discover the beauty and intricacies of the city.

The Duomo cathedral, undoubtedly Milano’s most famous landmark was considered revolutionary for its design at the time of its construction, particularly for using marble instead of the brick work that was industry standard at the time. Its development brought together specialists from all over Europe who transformed the building site into a gathering place for the exchange of wild ideas and unrivalled manual skills. This experimentation with materials, collaborative brainstorming and hands-on approach to the creative process is also the foundation on which V‑MODA was built. The gothic architecture of the Duomo with its countless ‘V’ formations served as the initial inspiration for the brand and still continues to be an integral part of the design-language. The Italian word for fashion, ‘moda’ serves as a guide in the creative process.

When CEO Val Kolton first travelled to Milano, the birthplace of all of the landmark brands he admired, he immediately fell in love with the city.

Milano being the fashion capital of the country and among the world’s biggest players including New York, Paris and London it is fittingly the home to some of the most famous fashion houses on the international stage. However, Milano design and style goes beyond the tailored suits of the business district and the glitz and glamour of the big-name brands frequenting the runways. Milano has an understated elegance and an effortlessly cool vibe that resonates throughout the city. This is what contributed to V‑MODA being the first ever ‘fashion’ driven headphone on the market in 2004. Stylish headphones using premium materials like metals instead of plastics was unprecedented. V‑MODA essentially bridged the gap between fashion and consumer electronics by designing a product that served both purposes. The brands concept was that of ‘audio art’- a fusion of high fashion and high fidelity bringing the music culture to life.

V‑MODA Design Studio

V‑MODA products are sculpted at the Milano design studio in a grand 19th century building where original frescos and chandeliers adorn the ceilings. Overlooking the iconic Castle Sforza, Leonardo Da Vinci’s workplace for 20 years, the studio serves as a creative hub where hand craftsmanship, 3D printing, laser-engraving and design principals all come to life. Located in the Brera district, the artistic heart of the city, the area is famous for its Fine Arts Academy, Pinacoteca gallery, theatre, narrow cobbled streets lined with designer boutiques, world renowned antique and furniture stores all showcasing the most prestigious names of the Italian and international design scene. What better place to inspire the work of the V‑MODA range than this dynamic neighbourhood of the fashion capital?


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