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- Stereophile + Innerfidelity Editor, Tyll

V-MODA is the direct result of an intuition that came to CEO Val Kolton after a summer spent in Ibiza amongst the world’s greatest DJs and Clubs of the white isle. Kolton wanted to capture the contemporary culture of Ibiza by combining the love of great sound with the worlds of music, fashion, art and travel. Back in Los Angeles in 2002, he found himself on Rodeo Drive and saw a woman step out of her Rolls Royce, dressed to kill in total haute couture. Although, there was just one element that didn’t seem to fit her flawless look: a set of cheap, white, plastic headphones. This was the turning point in which Kolton realized he could merge his obsessions by creating stylish headphones with optimum sound quality, worthy of the most demanding audiophile, using premium materials like metals instead of plastic. This was soon to be the missing link between the fashion and tech industries. The revelation inspired a true fashion and lifestyle brand centered around music that we know today as V‑MODA.

The brand was launched at the Magic/PROJECT fashion show, with a line of dance-music inspired T-shirts, hats, compilation CDs, and the world’s first line of pro-quality, metal, fashion headphones with an array of colored cables called hearwear.

After many months of countless setbacks and research, Kolton began considering the idea of going back to computer programming to make a living, when finally, Virgin and Apple both understood his vision, adding the V-MODA product line to their mix. Later that year, Kolton was named one of L.A.’s Top 20 Entrepreneurs in their 20s. Today the company has sold over 4 million high-end headphones around the world, and V-MODA is the preferred brand of many of the world’s most popular Producer DJs and modern audiophiles alike.


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